Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Schedule - How it works?

Daily Schedule is a simple productivity app that intelligently act as Task Manager, Planner and Todo app to keep track of your daily tasks, manage your time and improve your success rate in life.


  1. List down all your Tasks.
  2. Add your Tasks to relavent category.
  3. Set Reminder for important tasks.
  4. Mark Task as completed when you are done.
  5. Daily Schedule will track your success rate in life.

  1. List down all your Tasks.
    • List down all your tasks that you do in your daily life.

List down your tasks


      2. Divide your tasks into different categories. Categories are given in App.
    • Example: if you go to Gym everyday, then Task 'Go To Gym' will fall under Daily Tasks Category. Similary going to office or school or for any work on working days of week, all these tasks will fall under 'Week Days Category'.

Add your daily life tasks to a relevant category 

      3. Add your tasks by providing Title, Category, Date/Time, and set Reminder.

Easily add new Task to relevant Category

      4. Daily Schedule will intelligently selects your tasks of the day from 'All Tasks' and show you in 'Today's Tasks' list. If you have set reminder, Daily Schedule will notify you at the specified time.

View your Completed, Pending and Missed tasks in Today's Tasks List

      5. Before adding any task to 'Week Days' or 'Weekend' category, please go to 'Settings' page, select and confirm your 'Working Days' as shown in below image.

Go to Settings and Select your week days.

      6. Be honest with yourself, and mark a task as 'Completed' once you done it in real.

Mark your task as 'Completed' when you are done

      7. Daily Schedule will keep track of your 'Completed', 'Pending' and 'Missed' tasks, and generate the statistics.

showing Overall Success rate and success rate in individual category

Hence Daily Schedule keeps track your tasks todo, optimize your time, and monitors your punctuality and success rate in life.


We are planning to add features relevant to people of different categories e.g Students, Employees of different fields etc. Therefore we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Thanks!


Daily Schedule is new and young and needs your suggestions and feedback for improvement. We are planning grow app to target needs of different categories of people e.g introduce features specific to Students, or Employees of different fields. If you like our app, please give us a nice review, it really helps. Many many Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful documentation ,now I can easily keep track of my work routine.

  2. really a very useful application

  3. its a very good application. now i can manage all of my tasks under the umbrella of a single application.

  4. hi there

    thanks for wonderful docs i need the scheduling code for scheduling the sms and emails i want to implement in my final year project if you scheduling code please share with me i shall be very thankful to you.
    i'm looking forward to your nice response

    Thank You

    1. Kindly contact on our email.

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  6. Replies
    1. In pro version, you can enjoy the complete benefits of the app. You can view progress reports.


Daily Schedule - How it works?

Daily Schedule is a simple productivity app that intelligently act as Task Manager, Planner and Todo app to keep track of your daily task...